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Saturday, June 22, 2024 
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The modemnet Affiliate Network is a collection of websites and communities that are maintained by various profit and non-profit organizations.  These sites are here to provide you with access to a wealth of information in the technology and computing industry.  Read articles, download software, participate in discussion forums, and meet people from all around the globe who are interested in Information Technology.

"News from a different view."





The modemnet Affiliate Network is a collection of third-party websites designed to give you access to a wealth of information in the technology and computing world.  Read articles, reviews, newsletters, download software, participate in discussion forums, get answers to your questions, and much more from within these websites. does not own or operate the following websites and is not responsible for the content they may contain.

"News from a different view."

Beta Domain
Beta Domain has the latest news and downloads from Microsoft.  Leaked software can be found here, along with Windows information.  Well worth a visit.
A highly imaginative technical resource delivering rich and stylish product reviews, articles, and tutorials. Bytesector is constantly feeding the inquiring minds with the required knowledge of the next digital revolution. Whether it is consumer advice, or technical support, Bytesector is expanding every day with constant updates delivered to thousands of visitors, making a powerful online community!

Helping your way around the web

Fileconnect -= Install it 2 the Max =-
Fileconnect is your source for the latest downloads, leaks and other
software. The site has his own mirrors and is connected to the backbone (

nVidia graphics card related information, downloads, and files along with other tech based news.


Pro Networks
Primarily a windows support site, with support for all major OSís worldwide, along with exclusive downloads, top news, and other information.
Streaming your news.

TSS2000.NL - Stay tuned
Software updates, XP Themes, Logons, Icons, Boot screens, News, Forums and much more...

Window Planet
Bringing You Tech News And Views 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
For the latest in Information Technology news, go to is a house for WinHvance -- the best Windows 9x/ME registry tweaking utility.

Windows Insider
"Only the best news makes the cut."

Windows XP Mania
Windows XP latest drivers, Downloads and Bios updates, powertoys and plus reviewed, tips and tweaks, a great wallpapers selection, Troubleshooting Shutdown and Restart guidelines. and our new XP Forums.

Windows XP Stuff
The place where you can get the latest news, betas, leaks, and software.

Do you own or know of a website that contains Windows information and other technology news?  If so, send a suggestion for additions to be included in the network affiliates page.  Please include the related site name, URL, and a 2 to 3 sentence description about the site.