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to download ICQ.


If you have been on the internet long enough you have most certainly heard about instant messaging programs that allow you to message a friend, college or coworker as if you were talking to them.  This is faster than email, and doesn't have the waiting for minutes or hours or days associated along with it leaving you to wonder if the other person got the message like email.  

As of recent, may people have expressed their concern over ads being forced into everything and now being forced into ICQ.  These ads take away the personal, and privacy options to a person who just wants to use a program to chat/message and not use the program to consider buying a car or another computer.  There have been many posts, messages and recent tries at getting around the ads by removing, and modifying certain DLL's from within ICQ.  This is great if you must have the latest build of ICQ...but I can offer you a better way.  Not only has ICQ become infiltrated with ads, but many have said it has become bloat-ware too offering more than messaging taking away from the program itself.  Below you now have the option to download any version of ICQ from version 1.0 (released in early 1997) all the way to the most current ICQ2000b (without ads).

Click on the version of ICQ you wish to download.

If anyone has any questions about the usage or operability of these older versions of ICQ, email me or message me at 22331431.

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