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Linux, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Dell, Apple, DSL, and gigahertz.  Do all of these terms confuse you and make you wonder when you fell off the technology wagon?  It's nothing to feel bad about because the technology field has grown tremendously in the past five years.  With that growth has come new technologies, new devices, and most importantly new terminology that's nearly impossible to learn. .  

We strive to keep up constantly with the every changing information field and bring that knowledge back to you so you can make insightful and solid decisions for the products you want and need.  If you have a Information Systems staff or if you are planning to go at it alone, we will
be glad to assist you in giving you the information you need.


The Information Technology field has grown, new technologies are evolving, and computer speeds are doubling almost daily.  It isn't a joke when someone says you buy a computer and its outdated before you open the box.  Technology is growing that fast. is constantly keeping up with this new and every growing technology to bring you solid and sound advise on what you should need for your home or business.  Our experience takes us into the depths of knowing most all hardware so we can answer your questions fully and provide you with the information you need.  We cover all topics including the ones listed here:

  • Hard Drives (speeds, sizes, interfaces, RAID).
  • Motherboards (AMD vs. Intel, memory required ).
  • Memory (DDR, RDRAM, SDRAM).
  • Processors (Pentium !!!, Pentium 4, AthlonXP).
  • Video Cards (AGP, PCI, nVidia, ATI).


When you go to build a computer or purchase one online, the options you are given are astounding.  Just to start, the choices for an operating system are countless, there are dozens of virus scanners claiming they are the best, and then after all of that you have to figure out where you check your email at.  What do you choose, how do you know you got what you wanted or need?  We will gladly schedule as many sessions as you need to work with you on deciding what you do need and then teach you how to be customer savvy.  Software is being written daily so don't let yourself drown in a flood of advertisements and promises, let us be your life raft in the sea of software.

  • Operating Systems (Windows 98, Me, NT 2000, XP).
  • Linux...what is it??
  • Productivity Suites (Microsoft Office 2000, OfficeXP, StarOffice).
  • Streaming audio & video, online multimedia, MP3's, legal issues.
  • Email, instant messengers, file sharing, P2P.


In past several years networking has grown from something for colleges and businesses only to now the every day home.  Networking has reached out into areas that can connect every digital device imaginable as well as work without wires in the new wireless WiFi technologies.  With this growth comes different types of networks, networkable devices, speeds, topologies and more.  We will spend time with you or your business and show you these differences and then make cost saving and affective decisions for you.  All of the major areas and parts of networking are covered in the consulting sessions

  • Ethernet, Token-Ring, Bus, FDDI.
  • Tiered Networks, backbones, ADSL, SDSL, Cable, ISDN, Dialup.
  • Hubs, Routers, Modems, Switches, CSU/DSU's.
  • Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber, Coax cables.
  • Broadband, Narrowband, Pipes, and Plumbing.